What is dog grooming?

Mar 6, 2020 | Blog

While for many the concept of grooming is just about making your dog look fantastic, it is, infact, an important element to their overall health and wellbeing. Grooming your dog regularly will permit you to identify any underlying disease or condition soon and therefore is less likely to have any lasting effect on your dog. Although many pet owners believe in DIY grooming, it is a good decision to send your dog for professional grooming on a regular basis. It will help your pet as they reach maturity or grow up. So, dog grooming is all about improving your dog’s well-being and appearance. With proper care, you can eliminate mats, ticks, shedding and prevent several health conditions.

Dog grooming is not a luxury for your canine, it is an investment. It will make them look attractive and feel better. Here’s what you can expect from professional dog grooming services in Plano, TX.

Healthy Grooming

If an unprofessional groomer takes care of your furry friend, you may end up finding scratches, cuts and irritations on your pet’s skin. But a professional pet groomer is knowledgeable, experienced and skilled enough to take care of your dog in a better way. Moreover, they help in spotting any bumps, lumps and wounds along with eye/ear infection.

Professional Nail Trimming

Long nails create discomfort to your dog while walking. As a result, your furry friend may have a problem walking. This can result in bone problems and arthritis when left untreated. A professional groomer will trim your dog’s nails at least once in a month. They will cut the nails to the suitable length. Also, this process will eradicate any type of pain. You will also get a close view of your pet’s feet highlighting the concerns like swelling or cracked paw-pads.

Professional Hair CareWhat is dog grooming

An un-kept or ill-maintained coat leads to matted hair which can be an uncomfortable situation for your dog. With time, the mats may lead to sores and can become the hiding spot for fleas and ticks. Regular grooming can help in preventing matted hair. Regular grooming also means a decrease in shedding. The professionals will remove dander during the cleaning process. They will also help in giving the best hairstyle to your furry friend.

Utilization of safe and right grooming products

Just like humans, dogs also have different requirements. Different breeds will have different requirements. Professional dog groomers in Plano, TX know this. They will use the most suitable and safe products for your furry friend to avoid any irritation.

Parasites detection

When you will take your dog for grooming, the expert can immediately tell if your pooch has parasites or not. They will thoroughly check for parasites that may not be visible to you. During the drying process, the entire coat is divided line by line until the entire coat is dry. The professional will also remove the dead coat and find out if there is any abnormal skin growth. Any serious underlying issue can also be detected easily.

Anal Gland Expression

Anal gland expression will help in maintaining your dog’s hygiene. It will also eliminate any kind of discomfort your pet may be experiencing. The uneasiness includes pulling their posterior on the ground, biting sensation at the anus or having a difficulty in standing or sitting. Paying heed to the root cause of your dog’s discomfort is the best way to deal with this problem.

Keep the bad smell away

Your dog should not smell bad. An expert groomer will help you in eradicating the bad smell from your dog’s hair, skin and your house.

Enjoyable and healthy massage

Dog groomers in Plano are trained to give pets a healthy and enjoyable massage. They know the right techniques to stimulate their circulatory system and eliminating any kind of stress.

Dental Hygiene

Regular brushing of teeth and gum cleaning is highly important for your furry friend. Plaque and tartar buildup can result in gum disease. Dog groomers know the right way to clean a pet’s teeth and gums in order to prevent any kind of dental disease.

Ear care

Appropriate ear care is also an important part of dog grooming. Deposition of dirt, wax and moisture in the ear is a breeding ground for microbes. The professionals whom you trust for your dog grooming will trim ear hair and wipe with a clean cloth to make sure the ear is dry.

Helpful dog care tips

The professionals who provide dog grooming services in Plano, Texas also provide extra grooming and maintenance tips to dog owners. They will help you with regular teeth and ear cleaning. They will also recommend you the right ways to bath your pooch.

Professional dog groomers in Plano, TX

La Pawz Dog Care Inc. is a pioneer in offering excellent dog grooming services in Plano, TX. Our professional dog groomers will make sure your dog gets the highest level of grooming and care. Your dog will be in safe hands with us. We use a variety of safe shampoos and other pet grooming supplies for different types of coats and breed. Our pet hair stylist are experienced and trained to make your dog look pretty and happy. La Pawz Dog Care Inc. offers basic as well as full grooming packages.

Give us a call today to know more about our dog grooming services.

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