What Does a Dog Grooming Session Include?

Feb 24, 2020 | Blog

We are living in an age where tunameltsmyheart and marniethedog have close to 2 million Instagram followers. With standards so high, pets are being groomed to a level usually reserved for the Victoria Secret’s models. Color treatments, baths, massages, perfect nails, luxury spas are all just a glimpse of the services getting into the market for pets. Well, not at such a higher level, but you can still pamper your pets and help them stay all prim and proper. But, even before you opt for professional services, know what an actual dog grooming session involves:

General Health Check-Up

Before starting with the actual service, a professional groomer will first make a general examination of your pet to see if there’s anything that needs attention. If there’s skin irritation, cuts or swelling, they’ll consider treating it first. Groomers also ensure that your pet’s eyes are clean, ears are odorless, its teeth are in good condition, and make other general checks.


dog grooming session

Before bathing your pet, the groomer will make sure your dog’s undercoat is free from dead skin. Brushing all over the pet’s body to get rid of knotting (if any) is the right way to start. Then, the groomer will bathe and shampoo your pooch in a pH balanced, anti-dandruff, anti-flea, hypoallergenic, or general-purpose shampoo. Choosing the right kind of shampoo is essential – it must be suitable for canines and must cater to your pet’s needs. This will ensure the good health of your dog’s skin as well as its coat. For you information, bathing your dog too often isn’t suggested; however, you can opt for other grooming services at a regular interval.

Eye, Ear and Teeth Cleaning

If you do not regularly groom your pet, it may give rise to unpleasing tear stains, bacteria-filled ear gunk, and plaque on their teeth. However, during a professional grooming session, groomers take care of these things too. They know their work and understand what all areas your dog can be affected. This is especially important for dog groomers of older dogs. They carefully look for complications and alert the owner of anything that needs attention. The groomer’s job is to clean the area around the eyes, get rid of the gunk that’s accumulating inside the ear and also brush the dog’s teeth. A professional groomer can also help you select the right kind of home-use products, so you can later take care of these things at your comfort. For the dog’s ear cleaning process, groomers can choose to use any anti-bacterial solution or just saline water. With a wet sponge or a sterile gauge, they gently wipe off the excess solution along with any dirt sticking inside the ear.

Blow Drying

Professional groomers do not use the same kind of dryer as you would buy for yourself. There are those special-purpose dryers that are primarily used by dog groomers. So, you can find cage dryers, stand dryers as well as force dryers to cater to different types of needs. Coming back to drying your dog, once it is done with bathing, the groomer will towel dry your dog and brush from head to tail. They will then look for any problems and finally blow-dry the pet with a suitable dryer.


You must have seen how adorable, fluffy, and fresh dogs look after their professional grooming sessions. It only takes a pro to master this technique, and brushing is an essential procedure here. A professional dog groomer uses better tools and equipment to get rid of shedding and those loose strands too. It’s more or less like how we comb our hair after a bath.

Hair Trimming or Customized Cutting

If your pet has long hair, regular trimming helps keep them cool during warmer months. An experienced dog groomer can also provide your pooch with a breed-specific hair cut or follow your request. Depending upon what the dog needs or what you might want – groomers go ahead accordingly.

Nail Clipping

Just like how we need to keep clipping our nails, dogs need that kind of maintenance too. If you allow a dog’s nails to keep growing, it gets painful and uncomfortable. The nails start to curl and affect the dog’s walk or even pierce their under paws if the length goes too far. Some people choose to cut their dog’s nails by themselves. However, it is suggested to ask your dog’s vet or the groomer to do so. Inside each nail is a vein, as well as a nerve that is visible in a white dog’s nail. But, if you have a black dog, or a dog with black nails, identifying the vein is difficult. This is why cutting the nails too short will cause them to bleed profusely. But, using professional nail clipping services will ensure the nails are comfortably cut to an appropriate length.


These are fancy services that may or may not be included in every grooming package. But, you can certainly go ahead with these kinds of grooming services – these are just additional benefits for your pooch. One of the top-rated dog grooming centers offers a very special pedicure (also called pawdicure) facility. Their package includes milk thistle and vanilla soak, paw butter massage, nail trimming and nail paint or varnish to finish with. Such packages help to a great extent if your dog travels a lot with you and needs some extra pampering. It heals those (damaged) paws and keeps the pads soft.

Let an experienced dog groomer help you

Since little care goes a long way, choosing the right dog grooming service and a professional groomer is absolutely important. If you are in Texas and looking for professional grooming services or dog boarding we at La Pawz Dog Care Inc. can help you! Call us at our number or drop in at our location right away – we’d be happy to assist you and the little one.
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