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Whether you are traveling, working, moving or just out of town, you will want a comfortable and safe place for your beloved pet while you are away. At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., our pet services offer a home away from home for them. We assure you they will be in good hands while you are away, and let them relax in an accommodating, and comfortable environment. As a leading service provider for pet boarding in Plano, we understand the attachment people have with their animals, and we are here to help you with a place or environment that is protected and sheltered for them.

At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., we truly care about your pet. We want to do everything we can to make them, and you, feel comfortable all throughout their stay. Our facility is a unique place where you can leave your beloved animals confidently, knowing they are in the best hands. Our professional experts are the best in pet boarding in Plano. We will do our best for your pet’s health, happiness, and safety.

Top benefits of hiring pet boarding servicesPet Boarding Plano

As a pet owner, leaving your four-legged friend for work or travel is difficult. Instead of leaving them alone at home, you can make things work for them as well as for you with professional pet boarding. You can have peace of mind your hairy companion will receive exceptional services it needs to thrive. Here are some of the important benefits of hiring pet boarding services.


Professional pet boarding provides your cat or dog with sheltered safe. Your pet will be away from the risk of being hit by a vehicle, suffering an injury, or getting lost. Our services will also shield your pets from other animals. They will feel safe rather than frightened or compromised.

Medical attention and care

If your dog or cat needs a prescription or any other uncommon treatment, we are a perfect place. Our team members are trained in drug administration to furnish your pet with the right doses they need to be treated or to recover.

Proper diet and exercise

Pets enjoy proper eating and exercise routines at our pet boarding center. The experts indulge them in a lot of activities for their weight management and overall health. This prevents an array of destructive things related to dullness and isolation.

Attention and socialization

At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., the fury animals get a lot of attention and care from our experts. Our experts know how to handle and comfort the fury animals so that your pet does not feel disturbed or deserted. Socialization opportunities are one more reason why people think of choosing pet boarding in Plano.

Ease to both friends and family

Professional pet boarding eases both family and friends of stress related to pet care. Your family or friends may not be energetic enough to feed or exercise your pet in your absence; Also, they might not be capable of giving them the right training. When you rely on our boarding services, you are putting your four-legged companion in proficient, capable hands.

Close watch

When your fury friend is at the boarding center, rest assured that our expert team keeps a close watch on your pet. So, you need not have to stress that your beloved animal is alone while you are gone.

Safe, clean and welcoming place for your four-legged animal

At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., we will give your pet a warm, secure, and inviting place to stay while you are away. By adhering to a well-planned routine, your dog will feel safe and comfortable. We will make sure they get time to play, walk and rest. We understand that play, walk and rest are important for the emotional and physical well-being of your pet.

No matter your fury friend is older or has any issue that needs attention, our personalized care is perfect for them. We offer them exactly the care they need, and we will do whatever needed to make them happy and comfortable while you are away. Our services will give you the benefi0t of having a real person watch your pet while you are away. We will ensure they are happy and healthy while you are gone.

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