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Ultimate Grooming Improves Your Dog’s Health and Hygiene

It takes a special set of skills and experience to help dogs look and feel their best. At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., our professionals can do just that. We provide a wide range of dog grooming services in Plano, TX. All our services are handled by trained, experienced and skilled groomers. We aim to treat your pets nicely. We offer a comfortable, clean environment where your fury friend will be pampered. Whether your dog needs a quick bath, or has any other grooming needs, our expert groomers will cater to your needs nicely. We only use safe shampoos, conditioners and other grooming products to ensure your dog is comfortable, safe and glowing.

What can you expect when La Pawz Dog Care Inc. grooms your dog?

Your overall experience with our services of dog grooming in Plano depends on the type of services your dog is getting. If you have asked for just a simple bath, it might require an hour, while a full haircut or style may take a couple of hours. Or if your fury friend has a thicker coat or any special kind of coat, then it will need special care. Our professional team has the knowledge, experience and skills in working with different types of coats, breed, and temperament. You need to understand the grooming time may vary depending upon a few different factors such as your dog’s size, hair style and coat type. If you have any haircut or style in mind, you can bring in a photo along with you. This will help our groomers to make sure they are styling or cutting the way you want.

What is the significance of routine dog grooming?dog grooming plano tx

While many dog owners choose services of dog grooming in Plano to keep their dogs looking their best, many overlook the importance of routine dog grooming. Grooming is an essential part of your fury friend’s health.

Prevents painful fur matting and prevents tick infestations

One of the most important benefits of grooming is it prevents tick and fleas infestation. Routine bathing and other grooming activities will help you in identifying or spotting them, and taking measures to remove them safely, and take actions to eliminate them.

Prevents the buildup of dead skin cells and decreases discomfort

Professional grooming will decrease discomfort to a large extent. Brushing will help eliminate dead cells, unwanted hair, encourage new growth and make their skin supple. It helps prevent matting. Matting causes discomfort and often this is the cause of sores. Grooming will help reload their skin and coat.

Protects paws and joints

Routine nail trimming will make your dogs comfortable. Long nails might make them walk on sides of their paws. This not only is painful but can also cause bone deformations. So, it is important to trim the nails from time to time to prevent long-term damage.

Prevents ear infection

Dogs need regular ear cleaning as they are more prone to ear infections. Keeping their ear clean can prevent ear infection, and other ear ailments.

And more

There are more benefits of grooming. It will prevent medical problems, improve their physical well-being, and make them feel good.

Our professional dog grooming services is not just a simple bath or hair cut!

At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., dog grooming is not just getting a simple bath or hair cut. We offer a wide spectrum of services including

  • Teeth brushing – Teeth brushing helps against tooth loss, bad breath, gum disease and getting a healthy smile.
  • Nail trimming – Nail trimming prevents hurting nail cracking or breaking. Our groomers cut nails to sensible length to make things work.
  • Ear cleaning – A dog’s ear is delicate and easily susceptible to infection, wax build up and ear mites. Regular ear cleaning and prevent any kind of ear infection and reduce the smell too.
  • Face trimming – Many dogs look great with a haircut or styling around their face. Our groomers can help you spot the perfect style for your dog.
  • Special shampoo treatment – Our groomers are experts in providing specialized treatment using special as well as medicated shampoos.

There are some requirements to enjoy our dog grooming services in Plano, TX. Your dog must have updated rabies, distemper and Bordetella vaccinations. This we do in order to keep all the dogs safe in our facility.

Call us for your ultimate dog grooming needs!

Call us if your dog needs professional dog grooming in Plano, TX. We also provide a wide range of additional services such as dog boarding, dog training, and dog daycare to address the special service your dog requires.

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