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Dogs are “kids” for their owners, and just like humans, they need love, care, and attention to be happy, confident, and healthy. Doggie daycare provides attention and care when you are away. Just interacting with other dogs can help your lovable pup to learn social skills they need to behave sincerely in all settings.

When you send your dog to a reputable dog daycare in Plano like La Pawz Dog Care Inc., they ensure your fur baby gets to socialize in a physically safe environment with other dogs. At daycare, your pup engages in activities (chasing, fetching, splashing, and jumping), getting the mental and physical stimulation they need. And right there is the top reason you should send your fur baby to doggy daycare center.


Undoubtedly, your pup gets a lot of love and attention while you are at home. But why not extend that interaction when you are away? Lack of interaction for an extended period, when dogs are left alone at home, may lead to excessive barking, defiance, and stress in dogs. In this case, you should consider enrolling your dog in daycare. Dropping your dog off at a daycare provides him with the attention and affection he needs when you are away. Professionals love pups like their own pets and understand how essential it is for your lovable puppy to be in a safe and happy environment. Additionally, they make sure someone from their staff will be with your dog at all times until you pick them up.

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Perhaps, you have heard that dogs are “pack” animals – this is true. There is nothing a well-socialized dog enjoys more than having fun with other dogs. Having the opportunity to be in contact with other dogs when you are not with them is an excellent benefit of daycare. As it allows your dog to develop his/her social skills, daycare can be beneficial to young dogs. After all, a better-socialized dog has more confidence, and they behave well in all settings.


Another reason why you should send your dog to daycare is exercise. Dogs need daily exercise and activities to maintain their overall health. When you send your dog to the daycare centers, you will get an energetic and healthy pup. Most doggy daycare have activities (ball-fetching, wrestling, tunnel running, and more) scheduled throughout the day that will help keep him/her physically and mentally stimulated. On top of that, professionals also make sure your dog regains their energy after exercise.


Dropping your precious bow-wow off at a reputable doggie daycare in Plano is much safer than leaving them in a place where they might escape. Not only is the facility safe from escape, but also their staff is trained in carefully monitoring your pet and ensuring their comfort and safety at all times. They reduce the anxiety that could lead to escape attempts as well as reduce the chance of any physical clash.

As you can see why you should send your dog to the daycare center when you are away, make sure the doggy daycare you choose is the best fit for you and your dog. But, the best dog daycare in Plano, TX, like La Pawz Dog Care Inc., has professionals who will love your pups and make sure your dog will spend the day doing what they do best: playing, snacking, napping, and enjoying life.

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Whether you are looking for a doggie daycare facility or you want your fur baby to get out and play, La Pawz Dog Care Inc. is the place! We provide a safe, social, and nurturing experience. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a mastiff, we have a stimulating playground with modular play equipment to keep dogs of all sizes happy. Also, our recreation areas are designed to protect your pet’s paws with 3/8” rubber flooring.

Leaving your lovable pup at home alone can be stressful for you. But, at our dog daycare facility, you can get peace of mind that your precious pooch is well cared for when you are away. From interaction, socialization, and exercise, you can rest assured that there is never a dull moment for your fur baby. Our staff members are trained to provide emergency resuscitation and canine first aid. What’s more? We don’t charge extra for medication and meals.

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