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Your dogs are not just your friends – they are members of your family. You’d love to take them with you when you are away from home. But, sometimes, it’s impossible, which may lead to stress and excessive barking in your fur baby. Dogs are a few of the most loyal and loving domestic animals. They need constant interaction, affection, and regular care to be happy, confident, healthy, and stress-free.

But what when sometimes you have to be away from them for an extended period? You need to think to keep them at a place where they are safe and can enjoy a good time when you are away. Your four-legged friend can enjoy a wonderful stay at La Pawz Dog Care Inc., a leading and reputable dog boarding service provider in Plano, TX.

La Pawz Dog Care Inc. can be your dog’s home away from home when you are on vacation or away at work all day. We make sure your four-legged friend will get the highest quality care at a competitive pricing. Whether it is an overnight stay or an extended stay, we will cater to your needs in a very professional way. Rest assured, your dog will feel more relaxed, and enjoy the stay in our comfortable environment.

At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., we understand your pet needs the best dog boarding services in Plano. We have mentioned below some helpful tips that will help.

How to choose the right boarding facility for your dog?

If you need to go out of town, a boarding facility can give your fur friend quality care – and can provide you with peace of mind that your precious pooch has a comfortable, healthy, and happy stay. Before driving over to the nearest boarding facility, it’s essential to find the right one and prepare your four-legged companion for boarding.

Let’s take a look at a few tips and advice on how to choose the right boarding facility for your boarding plano tx


Make sure the temperature of the place (you find for your precious pooch) is at a comfortable level. Comfortable temperature is essential for your fur baby to stay happy and calm when you are on vacation, holiday, or at work. Spend quality time in the facility to check the temperature; is it too hot or cold?


As a pet owner, you know, activity is incredibly important for keeping your dog healthy and happy. So, you need to ensure that there are adequate exercise programs in the boarding facility. For that, you need to check where and when will exercise take place? Is there enough space for your pet to jump and run comfortably in the activity area?

Feeding times and dog food

Make sure your four-legged friend will be fed at the same time you gave them at residence to maintain their routine in the place. Besides this, you need to check the food served at the boarding facility. If your fur baby is addicted to a particular brand of food, is a fussy eater or has a sensitive belly, you should take a supply of your dog’s usual food with you when you are visiting the facility.

Sleeping area

Checking the sleeping room is also an essential part of finding the right boarding place for your pooch’s stay. Make sure the space is warm, secure, and clean with plenty of comfort. Ask yourself, ‘Is there enough space for your fur babyto stretch out, stand up and turn around easily during sleep and rest?’

Dogs are different, with their own unique needs and personalities so, they must be in the right environment while you are away or if you want to relax! But once you have chosen the best dog boarding in Plano, you need to ensure your pup knows basic commands and is well socialized around other pets. Why? Because if your dog has an aggression problem, he may not be the right candidate for boarding. So, make sure he is prepared for his boarding stay.

Preparing your dog for a stay at La Pawz Dog Care Inc.

Before bringing your fur baby to our daycare facility, you must take him to his vet to ensure that his vaccination is up to date. This step is essential to ensure that your pup is not susceptible to infectious diseases and perfect for staying in the boarding facility.

By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy your vacation holidays or work, knowing your pet is having a wonderful stay at our center.

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Are you planning to go on a vacation? Count on us if you are looking for a professional and cheap dog boarding in Plano, TX. At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., our trained and experienced professionals understand the anxiety you feel when you are away from your pup. That’s why we strive to ease your worries by offering your companion a safe and healthy environment when you are away. No matter how long your dog needs boarding care, we ensure they spend their days and nights enjoying favorite feed, toys, activities, and play with other furry friends.

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