Do dog groomers give sedatives?

Apr 7, 2020 | Blog

If your dog’s behavior is inscrutable, anxious, aggressive or hyperactive at times, you may think of using sedatives to relax your pet. The same thing applies to the groomers too. They also long to use sedatives to calm canine behavior. But it is not the right thing to do. Sedatives can be used as a last resort only and in the consultation of an experienced veterinary behaviorist. Generally, the grooming professionals do not accept dogs that have been sedated for any reason.

Sedatives play a major role in relaxing the dogs but many times these drugs are misused. A lot of attention is required to go this route. They should only be used when all other options are exhausted. It can also be used in cases where the dog is in constant fear or extremely anxious. Or also when there are risks of defensive biting.

As experienced and reliable dog groomers in Plano Texas, we always ask the following questions to the pet owners before using sedatives for grooming purposes.Do dog groomers give sedatives

  • Does your dog get extremely anxious or aggressive at all times?
  • Have you succeeded grooming your pet at home? We ask this question as many pets are more comfortable, relaxed and less nervous when pampered and touched by their owner. They are not comfortable with the outsiders.
  • Does your dog need regular grooming? You will find that many breeds need continuous grooming than the rest.
  • In the past, has your dog shown any kind of aggression while being groomed?

Once we get the correct answers to the above queries from the pet owners, then only we move forward for using sedatives. But we make sure to use it only as the last resort. We never give them a try in the first go. Also, we keep our clients updated with our every step of grooming procedures.

How to deal with anxiety or aggression problems in dogs?

We understand that it is quite saddening or frustrating to see your dog anxious, aggressive or fearful. These problems are some of the most common behavioral issues of dogs. The common signs of anxiousness are trembling, panting, tense muscles, urination, defecation, wide open eyes and pulled backed years. One of the best ways to control this behavioral problem in dogs is behavioral modification. This includes teaching them to remain calm when exposed to mild versions of their triggers. However, there can be times when behavioral modification will not help your pet. Then you may think of sedating your pet.

What do dog groomers in Plano, Texas do to avoid sedating dogs?

Professional dog groomers use an effective plan to calm the pets. They plan a lot of activities in advance before grooming because dogs take a lot of time to calm down after a stressful event. Before you bring your pet to a groomer, you should spend some quiet time with your dog or prefer going out for a walk with your dog. The professionals give the dogs an activity to keep them engaged or to ease them.

The dog grooming experts put in a lot of efforts. Say, for example, if a dog is aggressive while bathing or brushing, they start by giving them something to keep them engaged. As the fear subsides, they move the brush closer until they have completed brushing them with less or no stress. It has been found that aggressive behavior is caused due to some kind of pain. At La Pawz Dog Care Inc. we understand that pets who are in pain can improve with anti-inflammatories and analgesics. We groom pets that are on a constant quantity of these medications. We provide grooming services to them. If your dog is showing symptoms of too much anxiety, stress or discomfort, we suggest you to consult an experienced vet to help you deal with the situation. The specialists have the experience to let you know which sedative will help your dog based on the signs and problems. You should closely follow their instruction and never give more sedative than is suggested.

Our Mission – To Provide Safe and Dedicated Dog Grooming Services in Plano Texas

At La Pawz Dog Care Inc. we aim to provide safe and dedicated dog grooming services by a highly trained and experienced team of dog groomers. We treat every pet as a part of our family and are concerned about their well-being. We will ensure to groom your dog in a safe and comfortable environment. In case your dog is hyperactive, aggressive or stressed, we will discuss with you and help to choose the best way to manage this behavior. We will also let you know when you should consult your pet’s vet to guide you on the usage of sedatives to ease your dog’s abnormal behavior. We always recommend our clients that sedatives should be avoided as much as possible and should only be considered as the last resort.

Give us a call if you want to discuss about your pet’s abnormal behavior and to know more about our grooming services.

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