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Professional cat boarding in Plano – Leave your kitty in the caring hands

When you can’t be home with your cats, they have always got a place at La Pawz Dog Care Inc. We are a leading cat boarding facility in Plano, Texas. We will love and care your cats when you are not around, are out of town or on vacation. We offer comfortable, climate-controlled cat boarding services to pet owners. Our on-site experts and supervisors give each four-legged guest individual attention, and ensure that all of their requirements are met properly.

La Pawz Dog Care Inc. offers comfortable accommodation for felines. We provide food, water bowls, comfortable sleeping spaces, and many more facilities to the pets in our facility. If you want, you too can provide us with any of your cat’s personal items like toys, blankets, medicines, or any specific food items they need. Our team of trainers and experts is always on hand to help with any medical needs that your felines may have. It is important all the vaccinations are current, and are free of internal and external parasites. This helps us to ensure the safety of all pets in our boarding facility.

Here are top benefits of choosing our cat boarding services in Plano TX

Your cat can feel sad and stressed if they are left alone at home. This can further affect their immune system, their eating as well as digestive habits. The services of cat boarding in Plano is a great way for those who want to keep their pet safe while they are away from their home due to work or pleasure. At La Pawz Dog Care Inc., we ensure your kitty is well-cared and in safe hands when you are not around.

The top benefits of hiring us:

We will engage your kitty in various activitiescat boarding Plano, TX

We will take care of your cats when you are not with them. We will engage them in various activities like playing and exercising to minimize stress and boredom. Your four-legged friend will enjoy plenty of privacy and safety in our facility.

We provide professional care

We have a team of professional pet care-takers who will keep a close watch on your kitty. Our services will keep your cat in a dedicated area so that they can enjoy a peaceful environment. They can jump climb and run around, scratch posts, and do activities that they love.

Healthy environment

If you leave your cats alone for a long time, they may become lonely, stressed, and may develop typical behavior. Along with that, they may develop abnormal behavior such as loss of appetite. When you are leaving your kitty in our safe and comfortable boarding facility, you need not have to worry. We will provide your pet with a tranquil environment, and also give you peace of mind that your adorable cats are staying in a healthy environment when you are away.

Enjoyable companions

It has been found that pets love companions. If you keep them away for some time, they will come and rub off to show their affection and love for you. It shows that they love you dearly as a companion. And when you leave them alone, they develop abnormal and destructive behavior. Some of the destructive behavior they will indulge in include scratching the furniture, tearing or scrubbing the carpet, chewing the electric cords, etc. At our boarding facility, they will play with other cats and enjoy their day.

So, you should not think twice about leaving your cats at La Pawz Dog Care Inc. when you are planning to go on a vacation or want to complete other important work.

Call us if you want to give your kitty a comfortable home while you are away

We provide your cats with ultimate comfort, safety, and time to socialize with other pets in our safe and comfortable boarding facility. With a team of excellent trainers and care-takers, our cat boarding in Plano help your kitty feel right at home. Our facility is a great place to leave your pet while you are away.

Call us today to learn more about our cat boarding services. We would love to take care of your feline friend while you are away. We can also answer questions you may have regarding our cat services.

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